THE International Meccano Show


Herewith the top 10 places at Skegex 2016

1. The Brooklands Garage diorama by Pete Evans. With probably the highest score ever and more than 3 times the second placemen!  What a superb job!

2nd joint - Colin Bull's Laxey Wheel and John Ozyer - Key's Tatra pipe-handling truck.

4th Guy Kind’s Pilatus Rack Railway

5th  The Rubic’s Cube Manipulator by Wilbert Swinkels and Max Tsoy

6th  Nick Rodgers' Refuse Truck

7th Stu Weightman's Industrial Robot

8th Les Meggett's Austin Healey

9th Chris Johnson's Bridge

10th  Cath Claydon's Army Vehicles

I'll brief out further details and info on next year as soon as it becomes


In the meantime, I was delighted to meet you all again, with the company of several new faces and personalities to enjoy. And as to personal model favourites - well - if I said I could have studied John Stark's clocks for hours I think I would be in good company!

In the meantime, our grateful thanks to all who helped in any way and made the show utterly memorable in the process.


Geoff Brown

For over thirty years people have been trekking to Skegness in Lincolnshire in early summer to attend what has long been the UK’s biggest exhibition of Meccano models. Why not join us next time?

Meccano’s latest products were on display throughout the exhibition and there were plenty of Meccano items to purchase as well.

Planning to stay? Skegness abounds with cheap but excellent accommodation. The local Tourist Information Centre is opposite the theatre. Call them on 01754 899887.

We are proud to have a vast range of models on display each year. While some are large and complicated, others will be simple enough to inspire the newest modeller. Some will be there for the whole show, while others may be there for just a day or two.

The show is not a competition: it is staged for the sheer pleasure of seeing and showing Meccano models and allied items while meeting up with many friends old and new.

Nevertheless each year there are prizes for the top 5 models, voted for by all the exhibitors, and the “Issigonis Shield” is awarded to the first place. A raffle with Meccano sets as prizes is also run.